We understand that going through marital separation is an extremely stressful life event and one of the most emotional experiences that you can ever face in life. Contact us now to speak to one of our experienced family lawyers. 

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We are different because we do not provide one-size-fits-all solutions. We approach every new case with fresh eyes, putting in the time and effort required to truly understand our client’s problems before providing tailored solutions to suit individual needs.

Our experienced family law team is devoted to delivering the best possible outcomes for you. We are continuously thinking of ways to add value to our client’s cases. We value our clients as we believe that we have only been successful because we genuinely care about the parties with whom we interact with.


value for money

We believe in providing you with value for money as we know how hard you work for it. Ask us about our reasonably priced, fixed fee, one-hour initial consultations with one of our experienced family lawyers.


step-by-step guidance

We understand that going through separation or divorce is an extremely stressful life event and one of the most emotional experiences that you can ever face.

We at AH2 Legal are here to guide you through the entire process because the last thing you need right now is to feel confused and overwhelmed by stacks of legal paperwork and legalese.

We understand that family law matters can be expensive if dragged out in the Family Court. This expensive process results in a reduction of your asset pool and more often than not, you end up without an acceptable outcome even after spending almost everything you have. We are here to assure you that we do not want that to happen. We promise to always try to resolve disputes through negotiation and mediation whenever it is possible.


We are dedicated to providing you with clear, plain spoken, easy to understand advice and to represent you with passion and conviction. Our team of lawyers have extensive experience in a wide range of family law areas including:

      • • De-Facto Relationships;
            • • Divorce and Separation;
            • • Spousal Maintenance;
              • • Property Settlements;
                  • • Parenting Matters;
                  • • Family Violence Restraining Orders;
                      • • Child Support and Arrangements for Children; and
                  • Financial Agreements (Binding Financial Agreements [BFA’s], Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Post-Nuptial Agreements).

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