Once you have lodged your claim for workers’ compensation, you will then need to wait for the insurer to decide if your workers’ compensation claim is successful.

After submitting the required documents to your insurer, your insurer has a period of fourteen (14) days to decide on the claim and advise you in writing on whether or not your claim is accepted; disputed; or undecided. Your insurer will provide you with a claim number which should be quoted in all related correspondences concerning your claim.



If your claim is accepted by your insurer, then your workers’ compensation entitlements will commence. It may include weekly payments, any reasonable medical related expenses, workplace rehabilitation expanses, travel and other expenses.

If your doctor certifies that your injury prevents you from working, your employer should compensate for your lost income. Your insurer will calculate your weekly payment entitlements, and your employer should commence making the payments on your usual payday as soon as your employer is notified by your insurer.



If your claim is categorized as “undecided”, it probably means that the claim is on hold and pending further information.

Once you have been notified that your claim is pending, the insurer has a further ten (10) days to make a decision on your claim. Otherwise, the claim is deemed to be in dispute. In that case, you can lodge an application with WorkCover WA’s Conciliation and Arbitration Services for assistance.



If your claim is disputed by your insurer, then there will be no compensation paid to you as a result of your claim.

Generally, if your claim is disputed, your insurer will advise you of the reason. If you disagree with the reason, you could approach your insurer to have the matter heard under the insurer’s internal dispute resolution procedure, or you may also apply to WorkCover WA’s Conciliation and Arbitration Services for assistance with resolving the dispute.

If there is no response received from the insurer within fourteen (14) days, you or your employer may refer the matter to WorkCover WA to determine the issue of liability.


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