At AH2 Legal, our lawyers are skilled in providing strategic legal advice and representation covering a vast array of civil matters including:

  • Recovery of any debts owed by someone;
  • Employment and contractual disputes;
  • Commercial disputes;
  • Leasing disputes; and
  • Bankruptcy proceedings.

We are committed to saving our clients time and resources, we believe that sometimes the best outcomes mean avoiding going to courts altogether. Having access to quality legal advice in the early stages of the process allows you to make the most strategic approach to your legal problems, which can potentially help you to significantly save on time and costs. This may be through settlement with the other parties through the means of skilled mediation or using of the dispute resolution process.

However, should your matter need to proceed to court, our commercial lawyers have vast experience and are also skilled to provide legal representation in court. We are dedicated to ensuring that you can have the best legal representation possible through our ability to consult our network of experienced barristers if needed depending on the complexity of your matter.


If you find yourself having any legal issues and would like more information about how you should proceed, contact us now at 08 6161 0243 or submit an Enquiry Form below:

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