Cost Effective and Efficient

AH2 Legal offers fixed fee packages for most of our legal services to ensure transparency and peace of mind to clients. We are also strongly committed to utilising the latest in technology to make us more accessible to you.

The Experience Your Case Needs

With a dynamic team of experienced lawyers, consultants and other legal professionals having practised in diverse areas of law, we have over 50 years of combined legal experience.

Our expertise spans from business settlements to commercial law, property settlements to divorce proceedings, wills and estate planning to estate administration, and personal injury to workers compensation.

As your advocates, our lawyers are committed to assisting you through different legal and court processes, whilst providing you with personalised advice according to your unique case.

We Do Things Differently

We are different from other law firms whereby we do not provide one-size-fits-all solutions. We approach every new case with fresh eyes, putting in the time and effort required to truly understand our Client’s problems before providing tailored solutions to suit individual needs.

Our dedicated legal team is devoted to delivering the best possible outcomes for you. We are continuously thinking of ways to add value to our client’s cases. We value our clients as we believe that we have only been successful because we genuinely care about the parties with whom we interact with.

Besides being able to provide exceptional legal services in our specialised areas, we also have the competitive advantage of working together and drawing upon the collective strength of our sister companies – H2 Conveyancing and H2 Migration, to provide a more comprehensive and all rounded service to you. With Australian offices in Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane as well as China offices in Shanghai and Hang Zhou, we are not bound by geography and are well positioned to assist clients of different backgrounds in various locations.